Healthy Nutrition

fruitThere no doubt that eating healthy and nutritious food is possibly the best kind of medicine to keep your mind and body healthy. According to, here are some easy steps that you can take to learn how to "eat smart".

  1. Set yourself up for success by simplifying and starting slow to make changes over time.

  2. Moderation is KEY

  3. It's not just what you eat, it's how you eat

  4. Fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables

  5. Eat more healthy carbs and whole grains

  6. Enjoy healthy fats (Omega 3, peanut oil, avocados, nuts) and avoid unhealthy fats (saturated fats, trans fats)

  7. Put protein in perspective - focus on equal servings of protein, whole grains and vegetables

  8. Add calcium (dairy products, dark green leaf vegetables, beans) and vitamin D for strong bones

  9. Limit sugar, salt and refined grains

  10. Plan quick, healthy and easy meals ahead

Eating healthy isn't about following a list of "rules". Instead it is all about finding ways to have fun, be innovative and enjoy healthy and nutritious food in moderation every day!

Shared Recipes

Click here to view recipes submitted by the Advocates community! Enjoy some great new recipes for appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts.

Do you have a healthy recipe you would like to share?

We will be starting an online recipe site to share your healthy recipes with the Advocates community. If you would like to contribute a recipe please contact the team.

Some Helpful Online Links

Mayo Clinic– information and tools for a healthy lifestyle

WebMD– learn all about eating in moderation by checking out this fun and interactive portion size plate.

American Heart Association– learn how to make healthy food choices

USDA– personalize your own food pyramid

Whole Foods– try these budget friendly and healthy recipes

The Cancer Project– a great web site with a lot of research on diet and cancer research. Additionally, there is a wealth of healthy recipes for your family to enjoy.