Health & Wellness Team

health_signDid you know that people diagnosed with serious mental illness in the public mental health system die 25 years younger than their non-afflicted peers? This shocking and unacceptable fact was in part one of the major driving forces for the creation of the Health & Wellness team at Advocates.

The Health & Wellness Team at Advocates is a task force comprised of staff and people receiving services who meet monthly to discuss and promote health and wellness initiatives and activities at Advocates. The team addresses the holistic definition of health and wellness, encompassing physical health, relationships, recreation, spirituality, sexuality, work and fulfillment. One of its major goals is to encompasses wellness as key elements of the recovery experience and person centered planning.

If you would like to be part of this team or have any ideas, concerns or questions that you would like to share, please contact Dr. Chris Gordon. We would love to hear from you!