The Advocates Way Philosophy

"The Advocates Way is the philosophy that guides our work. It is based on the premise that all of us are unique individuals with great potential for health, well- being and fulfillment. It is a core value of Advocates that we treat people exactly as we would want a beloved member of our family, a friend - or ourselves - to be created."


In 2008, a task force comprised of individuals receiving Advocates supports, direct care staff and administrators completed a working statement of Advocates' philosophy. Known as The Advocates Way, the philosophy teaches new staff the fundamental values of collaboration and empowerment that are critical to our community. We hope that by creating and documenting this philosophy, we will empower the people we support to hold us accountable to the values that guide our work. It is a living philosophy, born out of a dynamic conversation amongst members of the Advocates community, and designed to evolve as our understanding grows and our needs change.

More on the Living Philosophy:

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