Medication & Electroshock Resources

pillsThese are some great additional resources and links for medication and electroshock information found online.

Associated Psychological Health Services
A person suffering from psychological or behavioral problems has been emotionally wounded or violated. It is possible to hide emotional wounds through drugs, electrical shock and other "technologies". True healing, however, comes from restoring and renewing the things that define and reflect our humanity. Things like intimacy, community, art, music, spirituality and play. We address all these dimensions that make us fully human: emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual. This is where healing and self empowerment truly begins.

Medical Accountability
A site dedicated to discussions about how informed consent effects healthcare costs and the the role prescription medication plays in the formula.

End of Shock
"We are a local and international coalition of citizens deeply concerned about the grievous harm done to individuals by the administration of electro convulsive shock, ECT. We are committed to abolishing this cruel and dangerous practice in Texas, and we will not rest until we do!"

Wildest Colts Resources
"This site offers an alternative perspective to the bio-psychiatric industry, and to the millions of psychotropic prescriptions written for children and adults. We really do have natural, built-in ways of psychological healing. With attention and adequate resource, anyone can reemerge from even the greatest distress and most extreme states of mind."