Mental Health Recovery Resources

hand_treeThese are some great additional resources and links for mental health recovery found online.

Mary Ellen Copeland, MH Recovery & WRAP
Getting well and staying well is the focus of Mary Ellen Copeland- author, educator, and mental health recovery advocate. Mary Ellen's work is based on the study of the day-to-day coping and wellness strategies of people who have experienced mental health difficulties.

Peers Helping Peers
The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is one of five consumer and consumer-supported assistance centers funded by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The purpose of the centers is to promote the involvement of consumers of mental health services in the transformation of mental health systems nationwide and to assist consumers in gaining the necessary skills to enhance consumer, peer-run programs.

No Longer Lonely
A welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness. Find friends or seek romantic relationships knowing that everyone on this site has some form of mental illness.

Pat Deegan
Pat Deegan & Associates, LLC is a consumer/survivor/ex-patient run organization. Their mission is to improve the personal, social, economic and cultural well being of people with psychiatric disabilities through ex-patient directed study and research.

Mouth Magazine Online
A bi-monthly magazine, usually only in print, but here's an online sample. We're now the only disability rights-oriented magazine put to printed page, and that is our focus.

If you hear voices (aka auditory hallucinations); if you know someone who does; if you work with people who hear voices; if you want to know about more about this experience. Then this site is for you.

Recovery Learning
Vision Statement from the Final Report of the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health: We envision a future when everyone with a mental illness will recover; a future when mental illnesses can be prevented or cured, a future when mental illnesses are detected early, and a future when everyone with a mental illness at any stage of life has access to effective treatment and supports - essentials for living, working, learning, and participating fully in the community.

Recovery X-Change
The Recovery x-Change was founded on the belief that with the appropriate supports and resources recovery is possible for anyone.
Home to over 500 support groups for physical and mental health challenges, this web site provides valuable information on treatment choices - both for long-term and short-term needs, like helping people get through to their next therapy appointment.

Transformation Center
Provides education, resources and support in Massachusetts. They work with partners for human service transformation.

Mental Illness Watch
Mental Illness Watch is a news site of interest to everybody affected by a mental illness or an ongoing psychiatric disorder.

Psych Central
Psych Central is the Internet's largest and oldest independent mental health social network. Since 1995, it has been run by mental health professionals offering reliable, trusted information and over 150 support groups to consumers. We are today's modern voice for mental health information and advocacy and have the broadest online reach and recognition of any mental health network online today, touching the lives of nearly 1 million people around the world every month.

Real Mental Health is the first social networking site focusing on mental health treatment and wellness. The online community includes individuals, their family members, loved ones and friends who want to easily and interactively obtain knowledge about symptoms and treatments in a supportive community environment.

Peer Supports
DBSA is a national leader in training people living with mental illnesses to use their experiences to work with others as Peer Specialists. Our Peer Specialist training courses feature a nationally-developed curriculum that orients participants to a recovery philosophy and prepares them to use peer-delivered services to enhance wellness and treatment strategies.

National Empowerment Center
Recovery is real and this web site is filled with practical information that will help you recover if you have been labeled with a mental illness.

The Icarus Project
The Icarus Project envisions a new culture and language that resonates with our actual experiences of 'mental illness' rather than trying to fit our lives into a conventional framework. We are a network of people living with and/or affected by experiences that are commonly diagnosed and labeled as psychiatric conditions. We believe these experiences are mad gifts needing cultivation and care, rather than diseases or disorders. By joining together as individuals and as a community, the intertwined threads of madness, creativity, and collaboration can inspire hope and transformation in an oppressive and damaged world.
Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders, a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 with offices in the United States and Argentina. Idealist is an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.

National MH Consumers' Self-Help Clearing House
Here you’ll find the latest information on mental health and consumer/survivor issues. Included are updates on important issues, linking you to news sources, funding opportunities and the most recent developments in the consumer movement. You’ll also find conference announcements and job postings from across the nation.

US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
The purpose of USPRA is to help advance the role, scope, and quality of services designed to facilitate the community readjustment of people with psychiatric disabilities. USPRA continually seeks to improve the quality of psychiatric rehabilitation services and resources, to strengthen the role of community-oriented psychosocial rehabilitation within the mental health service delivery systems, and to facilitate the coordination and continuity of programs. USPRA is the association that brings together agencies, practitioners, families, and persons with psychiatric disabilities.

M-POWER is a member run organization of mental health consumers and current and former psychiatric patients. They advocate for political and social change within the mental health system, the community, city, and statewide.

National Mental Health Awareness Campaign
A nationwide nonpartisan public education campaign that was launched as part of the 1999 White House Conference on Mental Health. Dedicated to battling the stigma, shame, and myths surrounding mental disorders that prevent so many people from getting the help they need.

Freedom Center
Freedom Center is a support and activism community run by and for people labeled with severe 'mental disorders.'

Mental Health Stigma illustrates [the] interplay between Hollywood and the media. It is an honest thought-provoking study about the subtleties of prejudice and discrimination and the awesome power of the media to regulate the public's perception of "mental illness".

Mind Freedom International
Mind Freedom International is an independent nonprofit coalition defending human rights and promoting humane alternatives for mental and emotional well being.

National Association for Rights Protection & Advocacy
The National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy, worked to expose abuse and shed light on coercive and dangerous practices. NARPA is an independent organization, solely supported by its members.

Alternative Mental Health
The world's largest site on non-drug approaches for mental health. Thousands of people around the world have recovered from mental disorders and now enjoy the simple pleasures of a drug-free life. Most were told this was impossible. Yet we hear from these individuals regularly.

Revolution Health provides information, inspiration and tools to help you take control of your health and improve your life.

MA Chapter of the American Humanist Association
The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Humanist Association. The people living in the Massachusetts area who believe in Humanism and try to live a Humanistic life and who like to get together in association with each other in formal or informal humanistically oriented activities. The pages of this web site will describe what these activities and associations and services currently are.

People Who
A site for people who experience mood swings, fear, visions, and voices to access information and other web sites regarding madness, recovery, politics, activism, etc.