Personal Stories of Strength & Hope

"Because ALL of us are unique individuals with great potential for health, well-being and fulfillment." - The Advocates Way


By Edna Harrington

Spirit 17

I really got a lot of the Life Skills group at Advocates. We talked a lot about emotions. I am better at voicing how I feel now. With a combination of the group, my therapist, and medications I can even work now. I’m a caregiver taking care of elderly people in their homes. My Post Traumatic Stress Disorder got in the way to a degree because I was going to strangers houses and I didn’t know what I would find there, but I struck with it and now I take care of two clients four days a week part-time. And now I’m interacting with people on Face Book and that helps a lot. I’m more connected to people outside the home. I have severe depression and in the background I’ve always had the feeling of wanting to dies. That’s not there as much anymore.