Personal Stories of Strength & Hope

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By Anonymous

Spirit 17

I am 23 years old and I live independently in Marlboro. I was placed in group homes at the age of 15 which was quite a hard decision for my parents to make. What led me into programs is that i threw my sister into a wall. Along with being violent at home and at school. I have been to group homes in Arlington, Newton, Lennox, and Northboro. And now independently live in Marlboro.

The group homes helped me make some positive decisions, but the one that helped me most was in Northboro. I learned DBT skills which helps me every day in my life. A strength that I have is that I am always very open and honest in my treatment which has prevented dangerous situations from happening or has helped me also in my treatment.

Here at advocates I have had numerous support from staff guiding me in the right direction or helping me accomplish my treatment goals. One of the treatment goals are to lose 10 lbs by next march and one of the staff are taking meeting me at the gym as a workout buddy. Well this is just a part of my life I wanted to share... Thank you