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"Because ALL of us are unique individuals with great potential for health, well-being and fulfillment." - The Advocates Way


Welcome to the Personal Stories of Strength and Hope section of The Advocates Way web site! We hope that you will read the true stories posted here, submitted by members of the Advocates Community, and see how individuals have used their personal strengths, the tools and skills they have learned and the supports and services they have found helpful, to overcome challenges they have faced!


At Advocates, Inc., our primary goal is to assist the people we support in reclaiming their lives from the effects of mental illness and/or mental health diagnoses, developmental disabilities, brain injuries and other challenges they have found themselves faced with. This includes the stigma that often accompanies these trials, as well as the effects of disempowering life experiences many have had. We understand that the opportunity to tell the story of one’s life experiences can play a powerful and therapeutic role in helping one move forward toward a better future. In that spirit, the stories that are displayed here are written in the words of the individuals who have lived them, and it is our desire to validate the experience of the people we serve as our way of supporting each individual on his or her road to a fulfilling life, to increase awareness of the unique challenges that each faces, and to empower the people we serve to speak their hearts and minds. The Advocates Way Philosophy Team is very willing to support individuals in writing their stories or to provide feedback on submitted stories, if this is something the author would like.

The Advocates Way Philosophy Team would like to thank those who have contributed their stories to the web site thus far, as well as those who will in the future, for their courage and willingness to share their lives and experiences with the greater community so that all may benefit from their examples!

Individuals looking to submit their stories continue to be encouraged to follow the guidelines in the submission packets (insert link to submission packet) as closely as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jennelle Cain, 508.628.6672 with any questions or concerns!

Featured Personal Story

I am 23 years old and I live independently in Marlboro. I was placed in group homes at the age of 15 which was quite a hard decision for my parents to make. What led me into programs is that i threw my sister into a wall. Along with being violent at home and at school. I have been to group homes in Arlington, Newton, Lennox, and Northboro. And now independently live in Marlboro.

The group homes helped me make some positive decisions, but the one that helped me most was in Northboro. I learned DBT skills which helps me every day in my life. A strength that I have is that I am always very open and honest in my treatment which has prevented dangerous situations from happening or has helped me also in my treatment.

Here at advocates I have had numerous support from staff guiding me in the right direction or helping me accomplish my treatment goals. One of the treatment goals are to lose 10 lbs by next march and one of the staff are taking meeting me at the gym as a workout buddy. Well this is just a part of my life I wanted to share... Thank you.

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